At Brio Bakery, we aspire to create a complex sourdough bread and light, flaky viennoiserie.


Viennoserie is the french adaptation of Viennese baking. The French perfected this style of baking with introduction of puff pastry (lamination) in the early 20th century.  The laminated dough is layers of butter rolled out thinly between thin layers of enriched dough. Examples are croissants, danishes, and brioche.


As an Artisan bakery, we focus on returning to the traditional way of baking bread. We create our own wild yeast for the sourdough breads, making sure the dough gets a long fermentation time. This gives the bread a much nicer flavour and texture. Only three ingredients are in our sourdough breads - flour, water and salt.  We add different ingredients like olives or nuts and raisins to give our bread some variety.